Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A time off

I called the school yesterday morning and talked to Leos teacher and she was verry upset and promised to deal with it right now, she would talk to both Leo and the kids that are picking on him. It felt good that she took it like that. So when Leo came home I asked him how school was and it had been good. How nice! And K had talked to the psychologist and they are gonna send home an appointment so he can come and talk to someone.

After my internship I went to the drugstore to buy some oil for my nails and omg how expensive it was. 109 SEK for a tiny bottle of oil. But since I don't want my nails to fall off I just payed and looked happy. Then I went to the grocery store and got what we needed for dinner and then back home to do what needed to be done at home. I even had time to curl up on the couch before J came over.

Today we are having a day off. The school is closed and so are the community youth center so Leo didn't have anywhere to go when I was at my internship. So we took day at home. When I got out of bed the water was turned off so no morning coffee for me, I'm having it now insted when the water came back. Then it's time for a shower before I'm going to the grocery store and find something for dinner. Then it's the every day stuff like doing the laundry, dishes and so on. Oh god, a dish washer is on the top of my wish list.

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